The Book

book_smallIn his book Possession: What the Psychiatric Community Doesn’t Want you to Know About Mental Illness, Dr. Augustus explores the relationship between certain mental illnesses and demonic possession. The psychiatric profession considers such a discussion taboo—indeed even the suggestion that evil spirits may influence the actions of the mentally ill is seen as an evidence of mental instability in itself.

The spirit world, they argue, is nothing more than myth—a throwback to a more primitive age that 21st century man should abandon in favor of enlightened psychology.  This is where evangelical Christianity and psychology clash. Indeed, this is where the facts of the crimes of such notorious killers as the Son of Sam and Adolf Hitler clash with the accepted paradigms of psychology and science—crimes that are so horrendous that they cannot be explained outside of a belief in the supernatural realm of the spirit world.  The juncture of where these worlds collide is the focus of this book.

What Others Are Saying:

“This story is further proof that we live in a world in desperate need of HOPE and COURAGE.
A must read! ” – Lisa S.

“The story of Dr. Augustus’ son’s struggles, the historical and biblical parallels make for a remarkably compelling read.” – John T.

“Possession by Dr. Augustus is a very compelling and thought provoking read. If you or anyone you know has been touched by mental illness, this source is an eye opener as to the multi-layered aspects of the disease.”
- Nancy

“I was skeptical as I picked up this book and started reading. As I read I found I just could not put it down!”
- Maureen

“I like the way the author continues to bring biblical scriptures throughout the text which support his points and real life experiences throughout the book. I find the author to be VERY well versed on mental illness as well as the Bible. He has obviously done a great deal of research in writing this book.” – Scott